Looking back on the past 377 days

Wow! What a year it has been!

Some countries have started to recover from the pandemic. I am from the Philippines and we have more new cases of affected patients than last year. I actually do not want to rant but it clearly shows that countries with leaders listening and appointing experts are adjusting and beating this global issue.

But with all these, life must go on.

As parents, we struggled to adjust to the “new normal” as they say. Reflecting on the past 377 days, it was no easy feat. We were able to adopt and thought of alternatives on things that we usually do — like taking a vacation, instead we got virtual trips to museum, zoo or anywhere around the world. Humans adjusted to cater to our needs and wants. Today, I just want to share lessons learned and what I would like to still continue after we pass through this pandemic.

During this journey, I appreciated that we have access to information. Even though social media has its scares, I think getting information, having that awareness is a good thing. Though it tests our skills to identify accurate and true information, and not fall into scams or fake news. I was grateful that my child was able to transition from face-to-face classes to virtual one. It is hard for parents to juggle work and prioritising the education of their children. But I am very grateful for the passionate teachers that was able to shift methods. I know there are some issue in learning modules but I am still in awe. I think being a teacher is a passion and is a calling. I appreciate teachers more and more. Another lesson that I learned is that resilience is triggered when we do not have a choice but to act and stand up. I think it is hugely romanticised and is a cliche, but we are resilient beings. Amidst this chaos, I realised how selfish human beings are and that we really need to change for the better. Effects of climate change, and how pollution and human activities push our planet to the edge of destruction. I can not see why we do not listen to experts. I realised that people is not responsive unless we are directly affected. I think through time, we are losing our humanity and respect for each other. Though there are still courageous men and women taking their stand a, fighting to what is right, but I can not phantom how a new hero, like the one in the books, could exist now. We are experiencing information overload. I guess it is part of evolution of human kind.

With all these lessons learned, when we are able to move forward, I just hope that we keep these and install kindness, humanity and concern for our environment. There are still a lot of work to be done, a lot of improvement, but I hope the time will come that we will not be afraid to gather, to talk face to face and to improve our ways of living.

This is all for now. Be kind always.

Keep safe everyone.


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