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if my heart can talk it would say, “stop it!”

the blood rushes through my veins like a sound travelling thru space.

if every beats means a death, centuries of hero would die

battling wars uncertain, unknown and untrue


wrecked dwindling my fingers

why o why it lingers

something intangible

unknown, ponders


how many words should i say

for someone to hear me fray

until tears run down and drought it may

holding true and truth it came




What I wish I had

I had a family once
A father, a mother, a brother
Like a crawling dust
All had vanished.

My brother went to Neverland
Where no child grows up
Where everyone is happy
I envied him at some moments of enjoyment and gallantry

My fathet went to stars
Haven’t seen him shine
But I know he’s there
Among the billions stars at night

My mother.
That’s a different story.
She went somewhere but didn’t live.
A lifeless creature amongst the living.
Where did the dreams went to?

I did chose to have my own.
But like any other weak houses;
When a storm surges, the foundation breaks and washed ashore.
All that’s left are mere memories of hayward happiness and a little small doll.

I had a family once.
Didn’t know if I still have one.
Just a little small doll to keep me company.
Just a little small doll that in time will big enough for me to play with.
In time , I have to let go and let live.

I had a family once. Like any other tales it will end.
But I hope, time will tell my tale unwasted.



Uncontrollable screams
Loud noises, the light dims
Why did the monsters come
Again, in the middle of the night
While the moon shines bright?

Tearjerking movements
Incomparable cries, the heart breaks
Why did it gave the reminder
Of sweet nothings, in the silent sky
While the stars fall happily by?

Would it be, me forgetting to
Live on, or you prompting the waiting
Destiny, for my way of hindrances
Known but unseen, of known

Hallowed hallways and spaces
Courage it sips
May bravery awakens
For it long so sleeps.



Wanting happiness
Yielding normality
Unlifting burdens
Keeping promises

Too many things to hope
Too many things to pray for

Uncried tears
Unheard voices
Hidden desires
Forgotten dreams

Sometimes the day comes fast
Still longing for a quiet night

Uncertainty lingers
Trials unsolve
Unanswered prayers
Passing oppurtunities

Eveything flashes into the dust
And still hoping to stop for the heart still aches