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Wanted Family

I’m a single parent with a 7-year old child. Given a chance, I would like her to have another sibling to grow old with, to have someone to to be there for her aside from me. If ever I’m financially and emotionally stable, I’m considering to adopt. Not because, I wanted to, but I feel like, there’s someone out there who needed me as much as we needed him/her.


If you like to help, search and contact foundations like


Realize. Empathize. Actualize

I just bought a new pair of eyeglasses over a thousand pesos. And it’s for spare.

Watching this documentary pulled my feet to the ground. I forgot to give and not to spend too much on unnecessary items. I’ll charge it to experience. But now, I want to share this documentary. One of the eye-opening film about parents who still dreams and do all their best for their children regardless of their status in life.


If you like to help, you can search and contact:Β Project Malasakit



Picture-less Post #31: blessing

Musing again.

I have a habit of reading during lights off. Just the phone or a little lamp as a source of light. 

Suddenly I thought, what if something bad happen to my eyesight? What if I suddenly go blind?

Just the thought made me cry. 

I realize that we sometimes, no, most of the time take for granite our senses. Seeing is a blessing as much as touching, as hearing, as tasting and as smelling. What will I do, I’m the breadwinner? I’m thinking of work, possible opportunities for the disabled. I don’t really like that word. But what if it happen to me or someone I love? I’m deeply saddened and rattled by the thought. Thus I say a little prayer: 

Lord, thank you for the blessings- for My body and mind; and my saved soul. Help those who are in need. Everything you do is for a reason. Those who are tried are blessing and strong. Thank you for being there always. We may feel alone at times, but I know you’re still there. Remove my anxiety and worries Oh Lord. Hear our prayers. Amen.

For those who are fortunate enough, please see the charities and foundations below my site. These are organizations that are legit and are doing their best in changing people’s lives.

Take care guys.

After the storm; Appeal for help


It’s hard to see a silver-lining in this catastrophe.
For now, I am telling you guys that we can do something to help my fellow Filipinos.

I won’t post pictures of the aftermath. It’s hard to see my fellow countrymen go through such trauma and the reality that they have to endure afterwards.

I am personally asking for help. We can do something. We must do something.

Google Crisis Response:

air21 donate gma lbc


Here are some sites and ways to help:

– Rappler and other links:

– Personfinder:

– Philippine Red Cross:

Don’t be affected by the politics and other crap about why this happened.

Look for the term “bayanihan”. This is the thing we have to focus on right now.

Thank you!

Take care guys.

Diksyonaryo Atbp: Raising Literacy, One Child at a time

DiksyonaryoAtbp is a non-stock group of concerned individuals who envisions a 100% functionally literate Philippines. We collect storybooks, dictionaries and other school learning materials and distribute them to the most depressed communities in the Philippines.

Another organization that aims to help my fellow Filipino children.

I believe that education is still the best gift to give and a solution to my country’s progress.

We can do so much:

Ways to Give via Diksyonaryo Atbp


We are blessed. Let’s pay it forward!