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Silhouette and An Airplane

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When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. 
– Henry Ford 

I should be posting this for last week’s photo challenge. But still, I like to share this.

I go to work at around 7 am in the morning and every time, there’ll be an airplane passing by. LOL!

nothing, just sharing with you. find it fascinating and amazing. 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

There’s nothing as beautiful as the happiness of a child.

Flaunting my child again. 🙂

My real-life friends told me that they stalk this blog of mine. So mga tol, please allow me to post some picture of us. I’m hesitant to post personal picture cause I know you don’t want silly pictures of you roaming around the net. 😀

To my wordpress followers, this is my opportunity to thank you for reading my posts and give me advice and stuffs. I really appreciate it!

Anyways, I just started to join and do the weekly photo challenge and because of this, I listed another item in my bucket list: to be included in WordPress’ Freshly Pressed! Hahaha! I don’t know how to, but I guess I’ll just continuing posting stuff that I care about. 🙂


It’s not about “what” make us happy, but to show “happy” in a gallery. It’s quite challenging given the fact that it should only be visualized and all (what the heck am I talking about?! I’m just about to post some pictures! LOL!)

Forgive me, if I’ll describe the pictures after you look only at them. 😀

Hopefully, it’ll make you also happy. 😀

Happy because:

– fishes: represents animals. nature, God’s gift.

– old barracks: represents history and travels. we all have our own, but it depicts who we are now and thus will be always be part of us

– photography apps: represents my love for photography

– headphones: represents my work, i am happy that i’ve got work which is my only source of income that feeds me and my daughter. lol!

– three pictures of my beautiful daughter: need i say more? she’s my life.

– make up kit and books: represents the things that keep me sane

– clouds: represents our dreams, who could have thought that we could touch the sky? nothing is impossible!

– chocolates: like i say– it increases our happy hormones!

– two pictures of my friends: we are always happy to be with our friends, we’ve got nothing to hide and we can be as crazy as we want to be and they can still accept us for who we are!

– landscape: represents my home, although i don’t like going to our hometown, it’ll always be my home

– two picture of my complete family: represents my memories that will always be there. the only thing that i want to remember about us: we were once happy.

So there, these represents my happiness. 😀

Take Care and God Bless!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

“Faith is about doing. You are how you act, not just how you believe.”
— Mitch Albom (Have a Little Faith: The Story of a Last Request)

This photo is a re-post. I posted this months ago and when I read about this week’s photo challenge, it got me thinking: What object in this world is really mine? I could have a cup of coffee and others would have them also. I have a family but they’re not possession.

So I decided to post this. This rosary represents my faith. We have faith but my relationship with Him, our conversation and all, it’s between Him and me only. 🙂

I remember in one of my cell group meeting, they say, God is sometimes a jealous God. He gives us free will but would wants us to remember Him always.

So there. Thanks, take care and God bless.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. ~Sophia Loren

Solitary doesn’t only mean being alone, sad or lonely. It’s also about absorbing the moment of silence to see what one’s life has been, where it’s headed and lastly, for what it is worth.

This is taken during our vacation in Mangodlong Beach, Camotes, Island, Cebu, Philippines.

Greatness Starts @Home: my techie little kid


I don’t know if it’s proper but every time my daughter cries we comfort her by saying “Halika laro tayo ng I-touch!” (Come on, let’s play I-touch), and this will do the trick.


My daughter, Ysa, is 2 years and 6 months old and she appreciates plants vs zombies and temple run more than i do. Her bonding time with her dad is either playing basketball in the playground or playing basketball using the PSP.

Yes, we made her aware of the new things that this generation can offer. It’s also a way to have quality time, to bond with her and to show that “Hey, we can be cool parents!”. I believe that it’s a way of closing the generation gap.

But will all the technology and gadgets, there’s nothing beat a good conversation over a good meal while teaching and reminding her that, “Hey, we are here, talk to us about anything under the sun.”.

This our way of slowly but surely opening up the world for her to see and ofcourse, everything starts at home.

Her hunger for exploring new things can be fed by all this gadgets, but as always, there are limitations. As parents, appreciation and knowing this things are a sneak peak of where our child is headed, what things she’ll probably face. With all this, it’s also our responsibility to show them that life is more than the cyberworld.

I believe in the concept that: “We are just guiding them, not doing what they are suppose to do.”.

I just hope we are gearing and guiding her up as to what her future might be.

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