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My daughter reminded me what Christmas is.

I asked her what if Santa does not have a gift for her. Β Will she be sad? or angry? Her honest response. “No. It is Jesus’ birthday. He has given me the greatest gift — my life.”

For God so loved the world, that He gave His begotten son…

Let’s not forget the true essence of Christmas.

Happy Christmas everyone!


Picture-less Post #32: one of them, one of us

I just saw an old man in dirty rugged clothes crossing the street of Buendia in Makati. He was crossing with us; we, in corporate attire, ready to begin another boring day at work. 

Helplessness. That’s how I felt when I saw him. I wondered if he has or had a family. I wondered what happened and what put him in the streets. I wondered if there will be people that would help him.

Idealistic. That’s how I was when I was back in college. I thought I could help change the world. Or do a little thing that might create a ripple effect to positively help our dying world. Keyword: was.

Most people don’t tend to approach dirty, in-need, who have apparent mental illness person that we see in the streets. 

I thought I was different. I was not. I was also one of them. Those people who feels helpless at first but chooses to ignore and reason out that we have our own priorities. That we are also in need but we thrive. I am one of them. And I feel guilty about it.

These words that I write while sitting inside a church, wouldn’t matter. This is just me blabbering and wondering if Jesus was walking the earth today, what miracle would he do? What will he do to us, selfish people. Isn’t not our responsibility to give a hand? 

Ranting. This is what this is. Though, I think a little prayer wouldn’t hurt, right?

I do believe in miracles. It won’t be me who first casts the net but I pray someone will. 

Picture-less Post #31: blessing

Musing again.

I have a habit of reading during lights off. Just the phone or a little lamp as a source of light. 

Suddenly I thought, what if something bad happen to my eyesight? What if I suddenly go blind?

Just the thought made me cry. 

I realize that we sometimes, no, most of the time take for granite our senses. Seeing is a blessing as much as touching, as hearing, as tasting and as smelling. What will I do, I’m the breadwinner? I’m thinking of work, possible opportunities for the disabled. I don’t really like that word. But what if it happen to me or someone I love? I’m deeply saddened and rattled by the thought. Thus I say a little prayer: 

Lord, thank you for the blessings- for My body and mind; and my saved soul. Help those who are in need. Everything you do is for a reason. Those who are tried are blessing and strong. Thank you for being there always. We may feel alone at times, but I know you’re still there. Remove my anxiety and worries Oh Lord. Hear our prayers. Amen.

For those who are fortunate enough, please see the charities and foundations below my site. These are organizations that are legit and are doing their best in changing people’s lives.

Take care guys.

Picture-less Post #30: late night musing

Sometimes, what we fear the most is what we become. 
Never underestimate words. It could start a war.

Opportunities are always there. It’s your choice to grab them.

Nothing will change if you don’t start to act.

It’s time to forgive myself.

 It’s not about what you deserve or what you must got, it’s appreciating what’s infront of you.

Kindness is free.

Small actions can lift a city. It’s called ripple effect. 

Don’t regret giving.

Always pay it forward.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future | great-grand

taken March 2016

This is a photo of my grandmother and my daughter. Whenever I think about the future, I couldn’t help but think about the past and what happens in between. This photo represents what made me who I am today and the uncertain future I face. 
Parenting is full of surprises. I get that there’s parental instinct but a huge part is how a person is nurtured to be. My grandparents is a huge part of my upbringing. Sometimes I think I would never reach the wisdom and lessons they had experience. 
My future- thus anything to do with my daughter. 
So there.

Take care guys.