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Weekly Photo Challenge: look up | mary

Taken June 2016 at Regina, Rica, Tanay, Rizal

A place to contemplate and have a spiritual reflection.


starting the day right

sometimes, we decide that one thing is over, next thing you know, you find yourself doing it again making you feel guilty , thus believing that promises are made to be broken.

it’s not.

i learned this in a hard way.

every time the sun shines, is another day of change and hope.

we should always have that positive outlook that when you open your eyes in the morning is another time to continue doing good deeds or make up for the wrong doings you’ve done the previous day. πŸ™‚

the sunrise illuminates hope and positivity.

so, for illumintaion or showing off lights, what more to represent this by showing some of the sun rises that i’ve caught with my camera.



Good morning and have a great day ahead of you guys!