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Weekly Photo Challenge: curve | glimpse of the Gardens by the Bay

Taken may 2016, SG.
Take care everyone.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future | great-grand

taken March 2016

This is a photo of my grandmother and my daughter. Whenever I think about the future, I couldn’t help but think about the past and what happens in between. This photo represents what made me who I am today and the uncertain future I face. 
Parenting is full of surprises. I get that there’s parental instinct but a huge part is how a person is nurtured to be. My grandparents is a huge part of my upbringing. Sometimes I think I would never reach the wisdom and lessons they had experience. 
My future- thus anything to do with my daughter. 
So there.

Take care guys.  

Me-time walking

β€œSometimes I think it’s better to suffer bitter unhappiness and to fight and to scream out, and even to suffer that terrible pain, than just to be … safe.” She waited until the next scream died away. “At least she knows she’s living.”

Excerpt From: Smith, Betty. β€œA Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” ePub Bud (, 2011-03-30. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

I like to walk. It’s my stress reliever. It’s the only exercise i know, will do and consider it my me-time.


My usual walk is from the office to the shuttle terminal. I lived technically four cities away so i need to travel around 20km according to Google maps (lol) which in reality would take 1.5 to 3 hours of commute.


So many things run in my head whenever I have my me-time and in the silence of walking, peace overcomes, echoes my daily mantra: “everything’s gonna be ok.”


Night covers the day
As nostagia creeps a bay
Silence lingers, pushing worries away.

Hoping this won’t end
Another step to take, time to bend
Still tomorrow awaits.


I miss this. This walks reminds me that I am still the young girl from the province that dreams. Hope i have someone to take these walks with.

*note: photos taken last oct 9. Need to blog again, stress releaser. πŸ˜‰

empty station


empty, pity, shitty
i’m sitting in a deserted train station

aching, wanting, panting
i’m alone thinking why, how, such decision

crushing, swearing, hiding
i’m praying that the earth will eat me alive to stop this aching madness

waiting, hoping, trusting
i still got a reason to live. one sole reason. one soul reason.

fighting, standing, moving
the train stopped. i need to get on, to move on.

empty, pity, shitty
how much i can bare, i know not. but i will stand and face he unknown till i reach my limitless limit or until i got no reason to.