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Wanted Family

I’m a single parent with a 7-year old child. Given a chance, I would like her to have another sibling to grow old with, to have someone to to be there for her aside from me. If ever I’m financially and emotionally stable, I’m considering to adopt. Not because, I wanted to, but I feel like, there’s someone out there who needed me as much as we needed him/her.


If you like to help, search and contact foundations like


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future | great-grand

taken March 2016

This is a photo of my grandmother and my daughter. Whenever I think about the future, I couldn’t help but think about the past and what happens in between. This photo represents what made me who I am today and the uncertain future I face. 
Parenting is full of surprises. I get that there’s parental instinct but a huge part is how a person is nurtured to be. My grandparents is a huge part of my upbringing. Sometimes I think I would never reach the wisdom and lessons they had experience. 
My future- thus anything to do with my daughter. 
So there.

Take care guys.  

A father’s daughter

There’s something that a father can teach his child; it may not mean the mother can’t , but there’s always something.

Papa and I. Circa 1986

One of my grandma found this while cleaning her house.

My father and I was not close, growing up I kinda resented him but I know he loved me as much as he can. He taught me to treasure family.Β  That was his legacy. At the end of the day, they’re still and will be there. And that’s why, even though I hated my daughter’s father , I know she needs him. Such acceptance seems stupid but I don’t want her to grow up resenting him. It’s between him and her, not me and him.Β 

Never thought that I’ll admit it but i miss Papa.


What I wish I had

I had a family once
A father, a mother, a brother
Like a crawling dust
All had vanished.

My brother went to Neverland
Where no child grows up
Where everyone is happy
I envied him at some moments of enjoyment and gallantry

My fathet went to stars
Haven’t seen him shine
But I know he’s there
Among the billions stars at night

My mother.
That’s a different story.
She went somewhere but didn’t live.
A lifeless creature amongst the living.
Where did the dreams went to?

I did chose to have my own.
But like any other weak houses;
When a storm surges, the foundation breaks and washed ashore.
All that’s left are mere memories of hayward happiness and a little small doll.

I had a family once.
Didn’t know if I still have one.
Just a little small doll to keep me company.
Just a little small doll that in time will big enough for me to play with.
In time , I have to let go and let live.

I had a family once. Like any other tales it will end.
But I hope, time will tell my tale unwasted.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family | when the end is the beginning

"Death ends a life, not a relationship."  β€” Mitch Albom (Tuesdays With Morrie)
“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”
β€” Mitch Albom (Tuesdays With Morrie)


This is the last photo I took of my father. I first shared this in my Instagram account.

We still miss him. I regret being angry at him all the time. But he was still there when we needed him. He is like the nail in our family, the glue, he connected us. His silence means so much. His life is full of trials. I took him from granted and it was too late. All I can do is to honor his legacy that family is always family, and no matter what, we have to be there for each other. Hope he is happy on the other side.