Be informed: Philippines’ Financial and Projects Statements

Haven’t been posting for awhile. But I feel I’m oblige to inform you guys about this site. This is about the controversial PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) What is PDAF? Read these first: Then, in regards to this, the DBM (Dept of Budget and Management) release these information about to whom, to what, to where […]

Best Moments Awards 2013

Joycelyn shared me this award last March… and it’s half the year already. lol. I may not have… yet… the best moments of 2013, lol… but i like to think that i’m sharing positivity despite of the negative happenings. like any other awards, this comes with rules.   RULES: Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This […]

Project Malasakit by Kara David

Kara David is a broadcast journalist here in the Philippines. She’s my idol. Before I thought I want to follow her footsteps by reaching out to our less fortunate brothers and sister and exposing their stories to open the eyes of our politicians and informing that these kind of life is still happening in our […]