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Wanted Family

I’m a single parent with a 7-year old child. Given a chance, I would like her to have another sibling to grow old with, to have someone to to be there for her aside from me. If ever I’m financially and emotionally stable, I’m considering to adopt. Not because, I wanted to, but I feel like, there’s someone out there who needed me as much as we needed him/her.


If you like to help, search and contact foundations like


Be informed: Philippines’ Financial and Projects Statements

Haven’t been posting for awhile. But I feel I’m oblige to inform you guys about this site.

This is about the controversial PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund)

What is PDAF? Read these first:

Then, in regards to this, the DBM (Dept of Budget and Management) release these information about to whom, to what, to where did the allocated funds go.


Go to the site: http://pdaf.dbm.gov.ph/index.php

I’m pro-SCRAPPORK, but making this available to public is an honest attempt or effort to change the system. The change in our goverment will not happen overnight. Let’s be realistic, have you seen the vastness of the country in terms of constituents? We need all to cooperate and make the change, not just one person. I appreciate the current President’s effort to make it up to the people. Yes, it’s politics. But it’s like choosing the lesser evil, he’s trying and trying damn hard to make a change. We may not always agree with him He’s trying to govern our country like raising prodigal sons and daughters.

I don’t always watch the news but I’m trying to be informed.


So here it is. Be aware people.

One don’t need to be educated or an analyst or a CPA graduate to see descrepancies in these reports.

I won’t pinpoint but I browse and search this site enough to see how corrupt our legistrators are.

There is still hope. Not all are eaten by the evil system, let’s hope that all will be better.


I am a Filipino citizen who for 7 years is paying my duly taxes. I was a government scholar and I’m thinking I’m giving back with the priviledge to have studied in one of the prestigious schools in the country. I concern with the needs and growth of our country. Hopeful thinking that in time, those who needs help will reach our to the government agencies and will be served well.


Be inform people.

Let’s learn to pay it forward.

Best Moments Awards 2013

Joycelyn shared me this award last March… and it’s half the year already. lol.

I may not have… yet… the best moments of 2013, lol… but i like to think that i’m sharing positivity despite of the negative happenings.

like any other awards, this comes with rules.



Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This could be written or video recorded.

Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awardees! The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and winners notify them the great news.


  • What makes a good acceptance speech?
    • Gratitude. Thank the people who helped you along the way
    • Humor. Keep us entertained and smiling
    • Inspiration. Make your story touch our lives
  • Get an idea from the great acceptance speeches, compiled in MomentMatters.com/Speech
  • Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable in MomentMatters.com/Award


Acceptance Speech

Mabuhay! Sa totoo lang po ay hindi ko ito inaasahan. ang nagdaan na kalahating taon ng 2013 ay napakabigat… kung baga napakaraming nangyaring drama… pero sa kabila nito, nagpapasalamat ako kay joycelyn at binigyan nya ng pansin ang aking munting blog. ulit, salamat joycelyn… isa ikaw sa kaibigang birtwal. (lol!)

ang pagblo-blog ko ay nagbukas ng paraan upang mabawasan ang lungkot at stress ko. karaniwana naman itong nangyayari. nakakatagpo tyo ng mga taong naging kaibigan, naging inspirasyon at iba naman ay nagbukas ng mga possibilidad at nagmulat sa napakalaking mundo.

ipagpapatuloy ko ang pagbabahagi ng mga kwento at mga aral. salamat ulit. 🙂


hello! i didn’t expect this actually. this past half year are full of trials. despite of this, i thank joycelyn for acknowledging my humble blog. again, thank you my virtual friend!

blogging paved way to reduce my stress and sadness. it’s typical to bloggers actually. this also let me know people, friends, inspirations and it also open up possibilities and how huge the world is.

i’ll continue to share stories and lessons. Again, Thanks!


Next Awardees

Let me share this to….


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just visit their sites and know why i shared this award to them…


thank you guys!

take care and god bless.


Reader Appreciation Award

Reader Appreciation Award — 2012

Been busy with other stuff that I almost forgot to send my deepest gratitude to those who notice and appreciate my blog.

Thank you,The Wanderlust Gene for recognizing this blog of mine. 🙂

Please visit his site for stunning photos!


With this comes with some questions that I don’t really know how to answer. lol! So please bear with me. 🙂

Your favourite number?  23, 21, 6, 5, 9. don’t ask me why, i just like these numbers. lol!

Your favorite color?  i settled with orange! (although most stuff i own is with the color violet/purple, they’re complimentary. haha!) why orange? i read some article that a person that focuses/looks/see more on this color is smarter that someone whose fave is blue. hahaha! silly reason. but my friends know that orange is my color. hahaha!

Your favorite animal?   cats. 🙂

Your favorite non-alcoholic drink?  water and mango juice

Facebook® or Twitter®?   charmako.

Your favorite pattern?   ahmmm. i don’t know how to answer this. but the first thing that came into my mind is, stripes. hahaha!

Getting or giving presents?   definitely getting! hahaha! but i’m now old enough to give out. so i’m now more into giving than receiving.

Your favorite day of the week?   i don’t know. haha! 

Your favorite flower?   sorry. i don’t have one. i’m a girl but i’m not into flowers. i find anything white flowers, classy.

What is your passion?   becoming a good mother to my daughter. if this was asked of me before i have her, it’ll be a good person or serve the people or be an inspiration. right now, my passion in life is to instill good values, prepare her and protect my little girl. that’s my passion now.:)


Let me pay this appreciation forward. I have a Blog Roll page: https://charmako.wordpress.com/lets-roll-em-blogroll/

Let me specifically pass this to:
Viveka, http://mygulitypleasures.wordpress.com/

Joycelyn, http://joycelynaralar.wordpress.com/

Andy, http://dragoneystory.wordpress.com/

Sid, http://sdunnebacke.wordpress.com/


I’ll always be one of your readers!


Take Care!



Project Malasakit by Kara David

Kara David is a broadcast journalist here in the Philippines.

She’s my idol. Before I thought I want to follow her footsteps by reaching out to our less fortunate brothers and sister and exposing their stories to open the eyes of our politicians and informing that these kind of life is still happening in our country.

She created a foundation that helps children.

Bottom-line: our strategy works. We not only give our children the education they need to lead productive lives; we also give them something more valuable – self worth.

If you have the means, don’t hesitate to help.


We are blessed. Let’s pay it forward.