Weekly Photo Challenge: Object | Faith

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”
— 1 Corinthians 13: 13

The object in front of an altar always reminds me how we are loved since the beginning of time.

I am believer of God. I don’t really go to church on Sundays, but I try to read the bible daily and try to live by His words.

When going gets tough, all I have to do is to hold unto my faith, that everything will be alright.

Taken from St. Pedro Calungsod Chapel, Taguig City


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I was never into fashion but I’m not that geek enough to shove my inner gurly in me. 🙂

A dear friend have an online shop called Miss Hue😉

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    My stand on RH Bill

    I am educated. Graduated from one of the top universities in the country and have a stable job.

    But at 27, I am a single mother and still a breadwinner for my family.

    I find myself fortunate enough to provide for the immediate needs of my child. She is studying in a public preschool. I’m still renting an apartment cities away from my work just to save for the rent. Still commutes. Just barely making it with the monthly bills. Have zero savings. But I feel and know that we are blessed.

    This is not the case for the other thousands of women who have not known the pro’s and con’s of PMS. Wives who have no idea nor arms-reach to contraceptives. Women who have n-number of children.

    Let’s face it people: Philippines is a third world developing country who faces massive corruption problems. Dissemination of information such as knowledge concerning the reproductive health needs time, money, determination, love for fellow countrymen/women and effort. I believe this law will not kill babies. This will help women have a choice.

    I once attended a marriage seminar (I am legally married) and yes, they provide context about sex and the likes. But these options will not reach our unfortunate countrymen. Church offers a good option and a moral choice. It’s good but let’s consider that not all Filipino goes to church. I am not condemning the “so-called” sinners. Again, most people don’t have knowledge, no means. It’s okay to preach. But it is the states/government duty to protect and provide its people. And this law is long overdue. We need change– NOW!

    I am a sinner and paying for the consequences of my actions. But I still have a voice as concern for my fellow Filipino women who need this service.

    Many statistics and studies have been said and done. Many voiced their opinions, showed evidences and proofs. Resources may be scarce. But one change can make a ripple effect. Currently, we still are running in circles. Let’s stop this hindrance of ignorance.

    It’s time for change. Serve the people. Yes to RH Bill.


    Must READ:

    Through a song: i got to get up and try, try, try


    Where there is desire
    There is gonna be a flame
    Where there is a flame
    Someone’s bound to get burned
    But just because it burns
    Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
    You’ve gotta get up and try try try


    I’m currently reading “Healing Wounded Relationships” by Martin Padovani. I saw this book while I went to my favorite bookstore and tried to have a “me-time”. It consoles and paints the life of one who gotten hurt and how to mend it in a way that the person will not blame himself and thus learning to become a better and stronger person amid the trials.

    Feeling like in a dark abyss, I really don’t know where to stand. All I know is, with all these, life really goes on. And how you perceive and waste your time in a daily basis, is matter of accepting your purpose, learning from your mistakes, and appreciating your life itself. I felt like a lost sheep again and starting to look for my Shepherd.

    Anyways, this song, well, it just got into me. 🙂


    hope you enjoy it