Truth is, I can’t remember.
I want to be that person that tries and learn but I hinder myself to do something different.

Is it necessary? Is it expensive? Can I handle the consequences?

So focus on the serious responsibilities that I forget that time flies and that oppurtunities and moments pass by.

I pray that I can change this. I’m still young ( at heart) and I can still experience new things.

Every success starts with one step.

I need to push myself to take that leap.

Live life and spread love.

First time…

Untitled 1.1

All I have are memories
I wish it would go away
Seems like im the only one haunted
By its sweetness, where honey bees flies, where candlelights flickers.
A curse it is. Someone give some mercy.
Is remembering a punishment or a reward?

On Single Parenting

I found this article, and cant help it. I can relate.


1. Seek out Role models – Kara David and Jared Leto’s momπŸ˜ƒ
2. Find a work schedule that suits your family – Blessed coz work from home if needed.
3. Schedule Kid-Free time – This is called a 2 to 3 hour traffic. 😜
4. Dont obsess on things you cant control – It’s his loss not mine.
5. Count to 10 – For my daughter? Its 1 to 100!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜œ
6. Dont have a conpetition with yourself – choose your battles. πŸ‘ and fortunately i have help
7. Point out good qualities in men – Buti na lang at naabutan ni Ysa si papa; kaso parang di good role model si Tito Chub. Lol!!! Joke lng. πŸ˜„
8. Congratulate yourself – Got good family and friends support. Apir! βœ‹πŸ‘Š
9. Always be prepared – buti malaki na siya, she reminds me what to bring. Lol!
10. Multitask strategically – Thanks to my handy-dandy organizer! πŸ“†

It’s harder than it looks. But this is my reality.