Through a Song: Free-Falling

Sung live by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (original)

John Mayer’s version

Don’t know why I feel like crying every time I hear this on my playlist. Maybe because I can relate, I know how free-falling feels, or the tune. Whatever.

I just wanted to share something.

Take care. :)

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Through a Song: fallen

have you ever know that something will go wrong but still you go on your way? and at the end, you tell yourself, “I told you so?” how come that we chose to face these instances rather than dodge it?

need now to be strong to push my way out of the firing range before it’s too late.

sharing this lovely song to you guys.

have a great week ahead,,,, :)

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Through a Song: Fireproof



Feeling down lately. 

Full moon. Don’t know if it’s just coincidence but every time its full moon, I feel different. not a werewolf. Haha. Just don’t know. 



Have you read the article that to keep feeling young, listen to One Direction? hahaha!

Anyways, I was browsing twitter and this came up. They shared from their new album. 

Just sharing some feel good music…


Take care guys.



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Through a song: heartbreaker


I love Pink, ’cause she’s an epitome of a strong woman.

Stumbled on this song a few days back and loved it. Not because I can relate, because I really can’t.

My imagination just tells me, that if there’s gonna be someone who’ll make my knees weak again, I think, I’ll doubt that feeling. And fight it as long as I can until I feel like it’s too late. Bottomline: having major trust issues. LOL!

I’m too scared to fall in love again. 


So, that’s it. just sharing this underrated song. 


Take care guys. :)



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray | cord



Haven’t posted in an while. Been busy with some stuff.

So I checked the latest photo challenge: Fray.


I just captured the nearest “fray” I could find, and this is what I came up… an infinity cord. Symbolizes my only link to society. LOL! 


Coincidence that I’m listening to band “the fray”. 


That’s it! Take care guys!


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