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back from hiatus

Hi guys. Sorry I’ve been in vacation this past 4 weeks. I’ll be posting our experiences and for those who gone through my Instagram account, you might know where we’ve gone. Take care always.   *** Sharing this cover song; hits pretty close to home… it’s 12:45 am.


Wanting happiness Yielding normality Unlifting burdens Keeping promises Too many things to hope Too many things to pray for Uncried tears Unheard voices Hidden desires Forgotten dreams Sometimes the day comes fast Still longing for a quiet night Uncertainty lingers Trials unsolve Unanswered prayers Passing oppurtunities Eveything flashes into the dust And still hoping to … Continue reading

Picture-less Post #24: envy and reality

someone i dislike so much told me that  he had done the damage. I don’t know if he really want to piss me off or he is just being his a** self. at first, I chose not to be affected by this because it won’t change the fact that he already did something that hurt … Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Object | Faith

The object in front of an altar always reminds me how we are loved since the beginning of time. I am believer of God. I don’t really go to church on Sundays, but I try to read the bible daily and try to live by His words. When going gets tough, all I have to … Continue reading

"Death ends a life, not a relationship." 
— Mitch Albom (Tuesdays With Morrie)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family | when the end is the beginning

  This is the last photo I took of my father. I first shared this in my Instagram account. We still miss him. I regret being angry at him all the time. But he was still there when we needed him. He is like the nail in our family, the glue, he connected us. His … Continue reading

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