back waves

back waves

June 2012

in life, when we leave something behind, we always have something to gain from it.

it may be scars from pain, an inspiration made to others, a lesson learned, an old dream replaced by a new one, good and bad memories, another history made to be told and sometimes to forget.

i have many stories untold that made me person i am now. my friends thinks i’m too nice, but i don’t know. may be i just treasured and cherished what i have ’cause i know how the feeling to have nothing.

i have a recessive memory.Β i have no vivid memories of the time when i was 7 yrs old and younger. let just say, in technical terms, that it is first sign and the reason why i have a recessive memory (don’t want to get too personal πŸ™‚ ). people tend to remember the memories in between, but i only remember the good ones, the ones i chose to remember. because of this,Β i always told people that i have a short term memory, but in truth i have this tendency (sometimes i like to think) that i just forgive and forget.

that’s why i like diaries, journals and now blogs. when i was in elementary, i think iΒ instinctively know that i can forget so i had a diary. my mother’s elementary gift was a diary with a lock, which i know she read them. when i was in high school, i burn all my journals together with the stories i made. i wished all the things that happened will go with the wind. i still make journals, most of the time, thoughts, written in tissue papers. haha!

memories. now, i want to think i’m making new ones. life is short. my daughter is growing fast, i’m getting older by the day. i don’t want to be like my mother who regrets too much.

this picture reminded me of this thought. sorry if its personal again. lol.


2 thoughts on “back waves”

  1. I think it’s the same for all of us . that we only remember the good memories – if we remember all the bad too – we would be totally messed up inside and the motherboard would be too full. The bad we remember if something happens or being said that recalls our memory. I think our brain are construed that way and that is fantastic. The older we get the more we remember from our childhood strangely enough, but we can’t remember where we put the keys last night. *smile

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